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Xmethod help SMEs and start-ups build IT products faster thanks to low code agency

Launch your MVP in 2-3 months with Low-code
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Our Services

Studying your niches, searching for new ideas and features for the product
Prototype products
Studying use cases and mocking up your product
UI/UX design
Beautiful and functional design greatly improves efficiency
Website development
Beautiful and converting landing pages and websites. Integrating with your CRM and others services
Mobile app development
iOS and Android-compatible applications of any complexity
MVP Building
Development on a tight schedule and limited budget
Refinement of your no-code apps
When you just need to add a few of features
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Our cases

Hello Doctor
The application will make healthcare more accessible and efficient by enabling patients to book consultations, interact with doctors, and access various healthcare services online.
Development time: 3 Weeks
Drivers enjoy a specialized mobile app for real-time updates, while an automated dispatching and route tracking provide optimal control.
Development time: 3 Weeks
Vappusnet GPS
A vehicle tracking platform that enables lessors to track vehicles, if necessary sending a link to 'carhunters' who have to deal with finding the vehicle in case of theft and other circumstances.
Development time: 3 Weeks
Highway Patrol
Road inspection platform with AI-powered deffects detecting functionality (Peltarion) allows to manage different streets and road sections, create inspections, get reports.
Development time: 3 Weeks
Earned Wage Access solution for both employees and managers. Employees can order wage payments, review payment history, and personalize settings, while managers have the ability to add employees, set payout details, and export data.
Development time: 3 Weeks
Prorunning offers professional running classes designed to promote a healthy lifestyle. With two flexible subscription options, experienced trainers guide groups of up to 10 students, ensuring personalized attention.
Development time: 1 week
SoulFlicker is your trusted online therapy platform, bridging the gap between you and skilled psychotherapists attuned to your individual mental health journey
Development time: 2 weeks
TTKEY is a EdTech start-up (SaaS) that provides Learning Management System and affiliate program for online schools.
Development time: 1 week
Confetti is a Crypto/NFT project. The project allows the cryptocurrency community to perform P2E, stacking and other activities using CNFFTI's own token.
Development time: 1 week
Sirius is a LegalTech start-up (SaaS) that provides online lawyers team, AI-powered chatbot, consultations and document constructor.
Development time: 1 week
German online business insurance service. The customer only had a technical task and our team implemented this project flawlessly.
Development time: 2 month
MVP for agrotech startup. E-commerce food delivery app with a well thought interface.
Development time: 1 month
SerCo Construction Ltd is a family owned and operated full-service construction drywall company. We created a multi-page website  using webflow and custom code with a well-creative interface and animations.
Development time: 2 weeks
Is an anonymous recruiting platform for IT specialists. The project was developed by one person from the design to the connection of analytics services.
Development time: 1 month
Beauty clinic mobile app with service booking, payments, admin dashboard and customer analitics.
Development time: 2 weeks
GC Plus
Marketplace of master plumbers and emergency workers. The project was developed from scratch, from the design to the connection of analytics services.
Development time: 2 weeks
a reseller of technology solutions for businesses. A team of engineers asked for the development of their corporate website and we created this product from the terms of reference.
Development time: 3 weeks
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Viktorija Kanepe

About founder bg

My name is Viktorija Kanepe, I am the founder of IT-Agency Xmethod. I have 15 years of experience in product strategy.

My task is to ensure that qualified specialists build successful projects for the best clients.


Your ideas - our solutions

We are an IT product development studio that uses X-method for fast and cheap development. Our developers use high-tech tools to create products of any complexity in the shortest possible time with a minimal budget. You no longer need to hire large teams, spend thousands of euro and years by product development.
High Speed
Usually development takes 4-6 months. We will do it in 4-6 weeks
Low Cost
We already use tools that reduce the cost of development by 4-6 times
Low cost
It is very easy to supplement the product without the involvement of developers.

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Frequently asked questions

What is no-code development, and how can it benefit my business?

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No-code development allows you to create software applications without writing traditional code. It can save you time and money while empowering you to bring your ideas to life quickly.

What types of projects can I build with no-code tools?

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No-code tools are versatile and can be used for a wide range of projects, from simple mobile apps and websites to complex business process automation and data analytics solutions.

Is no-code development suitable for non-technical users?

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No-code platforms are designed with a user-friendly interface, making them accessible to anyone, regardless of their technical background. You don't need to be a programmer to use them.

How secure are applications built with no-code tools?

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Security is a top priority in no-code development. No-code platforms often provide robust security features and updates to protect your applications and data.

What is the cost of using a no-code agency for my project?

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The cost of no-code development services can vary depending on the complexity and scope of your project. We offer transparent pricing and can provide a customized quote after understanding your specific needs.

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